The Astarte Asteroid is a little-known astrological entity. But that is about to change. She is someone you do not want to mess with as Venus's sister, who signifies passion and possessiveness in a relationship. Instead of being frothy and sweet, Astarte can be hard and tough. Consider Venus without the filter or desire to be kind to everyone she meets.

What is Astarte, the asteroid?

Astarte is the 672nd asteroid in the sky. She represents the need and longing for comfort in all zodiac signs. She stimulates passion and enjoys passionate sexual interactions in terms of physical and sexual needs. She is the type of person that knows exactly what she wants and will not accept anything less. This asteroid, which is confident and self-assured, lets us to identify our strengths and avoid indulging in our shortcomings.

Astarte on the Move

When we observe this asteroid transiting our own birth charts or planets in our birth charts, it represents a moment of man's might. This asteroid is not one to take things lightly; it is renowned to be a ferocious and powerful force in the universe. And it also represents a moment when we should take a step back and prioritise our own needs above those of others. If you are generous with your time, he will concentrate on what makes you slowly happy at this time.

Astrology's Astarte

In astrology, Astarte is Venus's fiery sister. While Venus is free-spirited and indulgent, Astarte is more intense and passionate. In contrast to her sister, who is exceedingly giving and joyful, she will always put herself first. As the shadow side of Venus, who stole her thunder and remained a popular and attractive goddess, Astarte embodies the diverse and darker elements of feminine spirituality and sexuality.

In Love with Astarte

This fiery and passionate asteroid can cause people to be excessively controlling and possessive in relationships. In issues of the heart, they tend to use sex as a weapon to get what they want from their spouse and to control circumstances. Furthermore, because both partners will feel the need to dominate one other in order to acquire what they desire, this asteroid may easily cause envy in relationships.

Astarte in Real Life

Astarte is well-known for being self-centered. This placement symbolizes a person who is egotistical and selfish, rather than someone who freely loves others. Astarte is able to achieve any desired objective by putting oneself first. This asteroid's passionate personality gives them the drive and energy to create a fantastic life for themselves on their own terms, regardless of what anybody says or who stands in their way.

In Health, Astarte

Astarte indicates someone who lives a healthy and vigorous life. This asteroid represents a person who has the ability to mend himself in the face of misfortune or hurdles. Some consider this asteroid to be a witch because of their powerful intuition and capacity to cure and mend ailments within their bodies. They will usually live a long life since they prioritise their emotional and physical requirements.

Astarte in Finance

This asteroid is not renowned for being liberal with their wealth and money. In fact, they are more likely to hoard their stuff rather than giving them to others, and they never land individuals in need of time. The reason for this is that they want to keep all of the money for themselves. After all, they earned it and believe that they should be the only ones to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

The Effects of Astarte in Signs & Houses

Astarte is a celestial female. She is associated with fertility, sexuality, and war. She is a lion, a sphinx, a dove, and a star within a circle representing Venus. She is forceful and courageous since she was a warrior goddess.

Many people worshipped her, and many were captivated by her nature. Where she is will reveal your most raw and dominant energy (think activist energy) and where others are most moved by your nature. Examine the degrees and sign since they will impact aspects, particularly the conjunction. If Venus has aspects, her impact is considerably more noticeable and sensual.

Aries / 1st House Astarte

Astarte in the first house will make Astarte highly prominent in the person's method of expressing themselves, and hence their personality. A person is typically highly physically appealing and quickly attracts others, and individuals may give themselves to them, but they are also quite intimidating. They will not hesitate to put others in their place, but they are also extremely lovely on the inside. They do not enjoy turmoil, but they do not avoid it, especially for Justice. They are viewed as “peacemakers,” but they should not be underestimated. They have a strong sexual allure that does not go ignored. People might quickly get infatuated with them. Many people love their authority and strength, as well as their prominent sexuality; they are feminine but also highly powerful, and they enjoy the concept of being in charge. Because of Venus qualities, they tend to adore aesthetics and are typically quite creative. They also crave the concept of being financially well off.

Taurus / 2nd house Astarte

Astarte in the second house will cause the native to inherit more of Astarte's Venusian aspects rather than the fighting side. They are usually quite calm people. They prefer calm hobbies and spend a lot of time resting on their own. They have a strong attachment to their beliefs, are extremely authoritative about their possessions, and may be possessive when it comes to items they value. When they see something they want, they go get it, especially if it involves money or inheritance. Their major goal is security, and anybody who crosses their limits will encounter harsh reality from Astarte in Taurus / 2nd house persons. They have highly physically pleasing looks that are also quite sexually enticing. They may be wealthy or appear to be wealthy, and others may desire to treat them or attract sugar daddies or mommies.

Gemini / 3rd house Astarte

Astarte in the third house causes someone to have a highly powerful and seductive manner with words and a very set thinking. They want to be heard and will not hesitate to say whatever has to be said; nonetheless, many people may be turned on by their words and they may have a highly sexually enticing voice. They have great thinking (creative mind) and may succeed at writing, and others generally love their intellectual mind / work. Their connection with their siblings may be positive, yet their siblings may be too protective and somewhat domineering over them. They are drawn to things that engage their minds and improve their intellectual ability. They should be cautious not to say anything that seems overly strong. They are usually quite brilliant, and many appreciate their methods of thinking.

Cancer / 4th House Astarte

Astarte in the 4th house will make the native extremely perceptive, which might be a positive characteristic. They enjoy the concept of being loving and kind, but they have a propensity to exhibit Astarte's war side as quiet aggressiveness, and they may harbor grudges. They are extremely protective of their loved ones, and you should never cross someone they care about or you will face their reality. Their mother may be rather domineering and protective of them, but she always wants the best for them. They may be very protective of the mother. If they had children, they would be very protective of them, but this might also be an indication that they do not want children. People tend to obsess over their caring and intuitive nature. They love to indulge in self-care and pamper their emotional inner child, which is why they should keep an eye on their mental health on a regular basis (tends to be highly emotionally sensitive). They have curvy bodies and watery eyes, and if they are female, they have incredibly attractive breasts.

Leo / 5th House Astarte

Astarte in the 5th house will make the native highly creative and joyous, and they will like receiving attention and approval from others. They are quite theatrical when it comes to expressing their war side and will not go unnoticed if they are unhappy about something for too long. They also confront opponents frequently and may bring it to the public's attention. Their military background may lead to potential turmoil, and many people may gossip about them frequently. They have incredibly attractive and expressive young eyes. Their sexual attraction is typically quite obvious because they make it known and like it when others notice their sexual nature. People often like their creative side and have a wide range of creative abilities. They may be highly domineering and power hungry when it came to their aspirations. They enjoy the notion of romance and may have high expectations; nonetheless, they are quite loyal, especially in romantic relationships; even if they enjoy having fun at times, they are extremely faithful and easily captivate others. They are extremely protective of their loved ones.

Virgo / 6th House Astarte

Astarte in the sixth house makes the native exceedingly analytical and trustworthy. It takes them a long time to become enraged at something because they put their own needs above everything else and hold themselves in high regard. They may be reserved, but that does not mean you should overlook their skills. They have an edge when it comes to dealing with opponents / negative things due of their sense of order, and they have a keen eye for detail and are extremely resourceful. They may be insecure about their Venusian features, but they are quite appealing because of the way they take care of themselves and appear put together; they are a sucker for the small things. They have high expectations of everyone around them and will not accept anything less than what they deserve. They simply want someone who “gets” them. Their sexual attraction may be veiled at first, but it tends to be quite “ideal” in the eyes of others, as they have highly fit / healthy bodies. Once they commit to anything, it becomes a part of their routine, and they remain as faithful as ever.

Libra / 7th House Astarte

Astarte in the 7th house frequently prioritizes connections/partnerships since they provide them delight. Because of their balancing nature and appreciation of aesthetics, they are highly physically seductive and generally inwardly beautiful. They are exceedingly creative and thrive at Venusian pursuits like as the arts. Because the 7th house controls open opponents, they readily inspire jealousy due to their beautiful personality. They may like sharing but not readily, which may cause them to be possessive of their partnerships. They could have more luck with the legal system. They may attract or marry a more authoritative individual, and their spouse or person may be physically appealing and dominant. They are the definitions of peacemakers, and their war side is more toned down, but don't attempt to push them too far since they can be quite possessive and controlling, and they also have more of Astarte's male side in their character. (Libra is a Masculine name.)

Scorpio / 8th House Astarte

Astarte in the 8th house likes to represent their sexual attractiveness extremely brightly and are very appealing; their beauty may be rather smothering, and they attract jealous spiteful persons / energies. They have a preference for darker and mysterious activities and are highly discreet about what they do and who they are on the inside. Their war side is obvious, and they may be spiteful when necessary, using their tremendous attractiveness as a boost and twisting things at times, but only when necessary, so don't cross them. They are intensely devoted, but only to things they adore; they are uninterested in the superficial and want to go deeper. They tend to attract those who are suspicious of their beautiful and mysterious nature. They like darker aesthetics. People may want to give them money since the 8th house governs inheritance, or they may believe they are well off financially, and they tend to keep the way they do things to get to the top discreetly. Many people will have conflicting feelings about these persons, yet many will appreciate them while also questioning them. Because they are rebellious and emotionally intelligent, it is critical that they express their feelings creatively. They are usually extremely spiritual and may be a witch.

Sagittarius / 9th House Astarte

These locals have a strong desire for information, and their intelligence is excellent. They are also highly open-minded and free-spirited people. Some people may have a strong conviction in something that provides them serenity. They don't care much about sexual attractiveness, but they have it; they have incredibly nice thighs and buttocks. They may like travelling and achieving greater heights in life. It is critical that they remain hopeful and remember that there will always be better times for them because if they are torn down, it is difficult for them to rise back up so quickly and they tend to become cynical. They dislike their “war side,” but will use it when necessary, and they tend to use their brains and knowledge to their advantage, and they tend to know things and may easily seduce themselves into learning about things. While they are seen as open-minded, and they are, they can be very stubborn when they are crossed and savvy and difficult to win arguments because they tend to charm it off easily as if it wasn't that serious, nonetheless they are very kind individuals who love upgrading themselves and tend to focus on the brighter parts of life for relief.

Capricorn / 10th House Astarte

These locals may suppress their Venusian tendencies in order to focus on their profession and future. They enjoy having goals to help them feel disciplined, and they may exhibit more Masculine Venusian characteristics. They are highly obstinate people that do not put up with nonsense because they believe in their own value. They are prone to celebrity due to their charisma and what is seen to be regimented character. People perceive them as someone who isn't afraid of the truth since they are direct and authoritative in public. When vindictive, they are not afraid to expose individuals who need to be exposed, and they tend to use their reputation to their advantage, and others are terrified by their power over them. They may not be romantic since they are focused on their careers and long-term goals, but when they commit, they commit and are in it for the long haul; they are highly loyal and admire honesty and grounded individuals. They have a really beautiful physique and facial form.

Aquarius / 11th House Astarte

These folks are usually interested in unusual hobbies and are exceptionally brilliant and creative thinkers. Their attractiveness is unusual and eccentric, and their sex appeal is noticeable. They may profit from / are prone to receiving a lot of praise online and may achieve some internet celebrity. They are usually very nice people who are never hesitant to provide a helping hand to someone in need, and some may try to take advantage of their benevolence / humanitarian attitude. They tend to be highly fixated on their views and hopes, so even if others try to pull them down, they will rise again. They are highly independent people who, even if they have a lot of friends, don't need anybody. People should remember this because they will use it to their advantage to cut off things they don't deserve. A lot of people are prone to having romance online / a lot of online pals) Here we have someone who isn't afraid to be themselves, which is why they're well regarded. They will continue on their way unaffected. They have a knack for making things happen / manifesting.

Pisces / 12th House Astarte

These inhabitants have a very dreamy, almost unreal appearance; strangely, many are quite self-conscious about their appearance and may be unaware of who they truly are. They tend to attract a lot of individuals that are jealous of them, although they may be unaware of it. Many of these locals are highly intuitive and should take advantage of it; they just know things and aren't always rational. They are fond of spiritual pursuits and divination instruments. They may have abilities or interests that they like to keep concealed yet are distinctive. They cling to the notion of love and seek their fantasy and refuse to accept anything less. They are incredibly creative and would do well to express their dreaming ideas in artistic methods. They have an eye for aesthetics and like gentler objects / themes. People are drawn to their speculative style of expressing themselves, and many people may want to probe deep into them, therefore it is critical that they create good limits. Many people have highly imaginative fantasies. They may be quite sociable and disguise their other side; in fact, they can create anything they wish into reality and blend in with the appropriate circumstances. They prefer to utilise their emotional intelligence and knowledge to their advantage since others underestimate them; they tend to surprise people with their authoritative ways and are capable of achieving things no one saw coming; the only suggestion is to not cling to any “loving” illusion.
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