How can you store up to 150% more energy in 27% less space?

In current times of skyrocketing electricity bills, it is critical to store more energy from all available heat sources, including renewables, to fully use their potential and, eventually, reduce the property's operating expenses.

A home energy storage system allows you to catch heat or electricity when it is easily accessible, such as from a renewable energy source, and store it for later use. Electric batteries, heat batteries, and thermal stores are the most popular types of energy storage devices.

The stored water in a typical hot water cylinder, whether vented or unvented, is heated to a maximum temperature of 60 degrees. In terms of energy, this equates to 6.99kW of stored energy in a 300 litre cylinder.

A basic hot water thermal store, such as our MULTIflow, may boost this temperature to 75 degrees, raising the energy storage capability to 12.24kW, a 75% increase over its usual vented or unvented counterpart.

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Where heat batteries that integrate phase change material are limited to 75 degrees depending on grade, use a hot water thermal store that permits the temperature to exceed 90 degrees, such as an ELECTRAflow or ELECTRAstore. This boosts storage capacity by 150% over the unvented equivalent, with the store holding 17.48kW of energy. Furthermore, phase change material needs a high temperature input to create a melting point, but a thermal storage may use low grade heat as low as 40 degrees.

The limited space within the property to store the unit is one of the constraints when using hot water cylinders for energy storage. This is perceived as a problem, particularly in a retrofit installation or an apartment where room is limited.

This is where the versatility of rectangular thermal storage shines! A 150L cylindrical thermal store with an integrated F&E tank, for example, is 1700mm high, while an equivalent volume rectangular thermal store with an integrated F&E tank is just 1303mm high, saving roughly 400mm and 24% on height.

As you can see, where the installer requires a sacrifice in unit size, it does not have to imply a loss in energy storage or performance.

Our solution will fulfil any installation need thanks to the unique design flexibility of our thermal storage, whether cylinders or rectangular tanks.

Taking all of this into consideration, the thermal store's unique ability to capture energy as it is created, store it until it is needed, and then convert the heat into heating and hot water on demand, with easier installation, making it the ideal choice for both installers and homeowners.

The Hot Water Association also said on social media that the modest family hot water cylinder may also operate as a thermal home #battery, storing extra energy in the form of hot water and helping the grid during times of reduced demand and greater input; see their complete study here.

Our new MULTIflow thermal store range is specifically designed for the contract market, to provide a high performance, mains pressure hot water solution which delivers enormous benefits.
Our thermal store approach can suit multiple installation applications, including electric, boiler or central plant inputs to meet hot water demand. With our unique design and manufacturing solution, we can offer significant cost savings both during installation and ongoing running costs.

About Mcdonald Water Storage

McDonald Water Storage is a major producer of hot water systems in the UK, with an unrivalled reputation for quality and service. As a privately owned, independent hot water tank manufacturer, we are devoted to providing a flexible service that is tailored to the demands of the present economic context.

This is shown in our diverse product offering and our ability to tailor any cylinder to your specific requirements, whether it's a one-off bespoke cylinder or a major contract that would benefit from custom diameters or connectors for simplicity of installation.

Our expertise in designing and producing hot water cylinders for renewable energy sources is unparalleled, and architects, engineers, specifiers, and installers often rely on us to guarantee the most effective and efficient cylinder is provided.

While copper remains our preferred material because to its greater heat transmission, environmental advantages, and antibacterial qualities, we also offer stainless steel unvented cylinders for applications with limited budgets.

Quality is still at the heart of all of our efforts, from the material quality to the systems and procedures we use. We have a quality system that meets BSEN ISO 9002. The STEELflow and POWERflow unvented system ranges are also WRc (Water Research Council) certified.

When World War Two broke out the firm moved into the production of aircraft wings and it was to be peacetime before it turned its attention to plumbing, manufacturing copper cylinders and complete plumbing systems, mostly for Australia and the Middle East.

As the markets for complete systems decreased McDonald Water Storage found itself expanding within the copper cylinder market.

McDonald Water Storage is proud of its independent status – it is one of only a very few British independent manufacturers remaining in the plumbing and heating industry.

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